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Want to have a beautifully-made Kitchen Top & Counter Top at reasonable cost? Dekotop might be for you!

Some wonder whether these surfacing of worktop will last, being just laminated. But do not fret! With proper care tips, your precious Dekotop can last longer and serve you well more than what you paid for’s worth.

We have come up with several maintenance tips that can help you prolong the beauty and functionality of your Dekotop. 

Compact Laminate Care Tips

1. Dusting

Depending on your location, dusting can sometimes be done once a week to prevent dust build-up.

2. Use Clean Water Solution

If you are chemical-conscious or allergic to a certain substance, you can opt for this simple solution. It’s 100% safe for you and your furniture: gently wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth, damp with the solution, to remove any surface dust.

3. Use Mild Soap-Water Solution

Stubborn stains can be a pain to remove. With this solution though, removing stains can’t be any easier. Using a microfiber cloth damp with the solution, gently rub on the stain in a circular motion, then wipe dry. Repeat process until the stain has completely vanished or subsided.

4. Use Lint-Free Microfiber Cloth

This is the perfect cleaning partner. Whether using it dry or damped, the cloth can definitely remove the dust or stain on the Dekotop. An added feature being the cloth having soft texture, wiping won’t leave unwanted scratches.

5. Keep Dry

Keeping your Dekotop dry at all times is important. Leaving pooled liquid on the surface even though cannot remain any of stains or worse, but it still can cause warping on the edges. Always wipe your Dekotop clean and dry!

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