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Dekotop Warranty Policies

Dekoracio hereby warrant each Dekoracio’s products for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase.

Dekotop is designed for normal dining use and is dishwasher safe using standard retail mild
dish washing detergents. This warranty does not cover damage due to impropriate use, abuse, stains due
to hard water or improper care. Dekoracio liability under this warranty is limited to the replacement of
the defective product at the company’s sole option. Dekoracio shall not be liable for any incidental or
consequential damages, whether direct or indirect.

If defects that due to workmanship by Dekoracio’s installer, Dekoracio will be repaired or replace at no expense to the purchaser. This warranty does not extend to cover associated expenses such as plumbing,electrical, cabinetry, flooring, walls or any other costs that may incurred in the repair or replacement of an item covered by this warranty.



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